Unbiased Experts, Working for You.

Rob Mattern launched Mattern & Associates in 1997, after years in the support services outsourcing industry. Recognizing that many clients had problems brought on by unfavorable contracts and unnecessarily outsourced services, he created a unique organization focused on objective analysis of support services needs, to protect clients' interests and provide unbiased advice for office administrators.

Mattern & Associates quickly established a reputation for excellence in the legal industry, where strong support services are critical to success. The company also gained credibility as consultants to corporations nationwide. The cornerstone of Mattern & Associates is The Mattern Method®, a proprietary process which uses benchmarking data, on-site operational analysis and a "big-picture" approach to cost recovery, efficiency and productivity, based on unique operational and strategic needs.

Mattern's team of veteran Operations Consultants/Analysts are experts in operations, support services, equipment, and contracted business services. They help clients leverage spending, build organizational efficiencies and utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage.