Unbiased Support Services Analysts & Cost Recovery Experts.

Should your firm outsource its support services - or not?
Are your labor, equipment & supply costs competitive?
Are you optimizing your billable  cost recovery revenue?
How does your firm compare to industry leaders?

Mattern has the Answers.

Mattern & Associates is a team of operations experts that consults to large law firms and corporations. Completely unbiased and vendor-neutral, we help our clients obtain the most favorable and competitive pricing available from their support services providers. In addition, we advise organizations on best practices for cost recovery and other critically important areas such as RFP development, management of in-house operations, output/printer management, and the contracts that form the foundation of the support services – off-site records storage, overnight services, and office supplies.

For over a decade, we have earned our reputation as a trusted, knowledgeable and objective resource for legal and corporate entities. We deliver competitive advantages through detail-driven analysis, on-site workflow analysis by our team of experts, benchmarking, and customized firm-wide strategies for working smarter and more cost-effectively - without sacrificing high standards of quality.

We call our approach The Mattern Method® but our clients call it "smart."

From domestic firms to international organizations, Mattern clients benefit from enduring competitive advantages because of our "big picture" approach to operational excellence.

Take a closer look at how we can maximize your firm's success or contact us now to get started.

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